DMG DMG was established more than two decades ago as an engineering and contracting company. Today DMG operates in the sectors of engineering, real estate and hospitality.The DMG family of companies are vertically integrated with an innovative and unique approach to delivering projects. The group’s companies strive individually in their core specialities and succeed in adding considerable value to each other. The DMG family is made up of 877 employees creating an integrated network of dedicated talent that make DMG distinct in what it offers. Elgammal Group Elgammal is the Egyptian leader Co. in its field in the Middle East. It covers about 90% of the needs of the Egyptian Automotive industry thanks to the excellent reputation of its high standard production based on an experienced team, active technical support and the best international suppliers of raw material. In addition to the Automotive industry, Elgammal Co. provides markets in Egypt, Arab and African countries with high quality paints (stoving and air dry), putties, primers, thinners, sealants and under-body. It also produces spray products for dashboard, anti-rust lubricants and general purposes spray paints for car refinish, home decoration and appliances. TECHNO PAINT Founded in 1998 under the name Technology Co. for Chemical Industries S.A.E. Techno Paint is a leading company in the manufacturing of high-value performance chemicals. TECHNO PAINT specializes in the production of coatings, paints and using the latest technology from BASF © 2012 Masader International Trading Corporation. Masader Corporation logo is registered trademark of Masader International Trading Corporation All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions Partners